JOURNEY - Through The Mirror (Free Spirit Records)

by beatspace-freespirit

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Howdy music lovers, welcome to a special edition of What Does Free Spirit Records Have New For You? Regular readers will know that Free Spirit Records is London based psy-trance label that has been bringing us aural wonderment through umpteen releases (too many for this humble journalist to accurately recall) from around the globe and across the spectrum. The reason why this a special edition of WDFSRHNFY? Because it heralds the return of Jay OM’s other half, the producer Journey, and the release of his second full-length album – Through the Mirror. Jay OM/Journey have been doing it tough over the winter months, foisting their immeasurable talents upon the natives of southern Africa. Winning great acclaim and fostering many a friendship. Prior to this though he could be found squirreling away in his North London studio channelling his creativity to create the ten tunes that make up this latest offering all the whilst trying to avoid the concerns that come with following up the success of The Man Who Sold Time, his 2009 debut album. The album feature also some killer collaborations including artists such as Tron, Rastaliens, Holophonik, Monastic Squid and finishing with a superb down tempo track with Alexampt and Mononegro. Asked to describe what we could expect to find on Through the Mirror, Journey informed us it would be similar to his last EP which to me means some psychedelic disco meets travelling sounds, though neither description may be truly accurate. Therefore my suggestion to you is, do yourself a favour and check it out now. Until next time psy-trance fans, keep on dancing and remember, the universe is your oyster!


released September 10, 2011



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